Abaya – Normal Size – N-001



An abaya is an outer garment worn by women. It is long-sleeved, floor-length, and traditionally black in colour. It is designed to be ‎loose and flowing, hiding the “curves” of the body and usually ‎opens from the front. The sleeves are formed ‎from the same piece of fabric; they are not stitched on separately. The abaya is worn most Muslim women when they go outside their homes or are in the presence of men who are not closely related to her, as prescribed in Islam. The abaya may be worn with ‎other pieces of Islamic clothing, such as a scarf which covers the hair (hijab or tarha), and ‎perhaps a veil which covers the face (niqab or shayla).‎

Description: You can buy your ‎favorite abaya with new designs collection from Twinkle Shopping Zone.

Price: Rs 1400 (including delivery charges).‎


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